Facebook gets burnt over Decapitation Videos

Facebook has stated that they will be taking down graphic videos after a sudden increase of them being posted over Facebook  many charities have criticised Facebook for allowing these videos to spread …

Facebook Team made this statement …

“We will remove instances of these videos that are reported to us while we evaluate our policy and approach to this type of content,” it said.

I use Facebook often and i have noticed an increase in these horrific videos along with the trolls making sick comments in an attempt to spread more anger and frustration. I knew this day would come because it went against Facebook’s Policy and by watching these ‘beheading’s’ and ‘murders’ makes you just as guilty as the guy recording the events.

I think Facebook has made the right choice in removing these videos and lets not forget, Facebook is for communication and sharing with a wide audience of young teens that should not be shown such content, content like this can affect the mind of the young generations giving them nightmares and some teens may get motivation from these videos to commit murder or harm to others, its has happened in the past…



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