Plane crash in Bagram airfield, Afghanistan + thoughts

This has to be one of the most amazing pieces of footage documenting a plane crash that i have ever seen, people are speculating on what caused the sudden climb, it is reported that the 747 was in fact a cargo plane carrying at least 5 armoured vehicles, it is thought that one of the vehicles at the back of the plane was not tied down correctly and came loose during take off which caused a sudden weight shift within the plane with a sudden weight increase towards the back of plane causing the nose to lift up suddenly until it eventually got to steep and stalled the entire plane.

The pilot looked to the correct procedures when getting into the stall by putting the nose downwards to gain back its momentum, unfortionatly because of such low altitude there did not have enough time or altitude to pull out of the stall. All 7 of the passengers died instantly including the pilots, expect to see a new air crash investigation documentary soon…

This video has literally gone viral over video sharing sites such as Liveleak, the footage is so unique and the chance of the driver taking that route and having his dashboard camera on was almost a %0 chance….

Surprisingly the News coverage hasn’t been all that ‘suffocating’ over this event which is bizarre because this is one hell of a crazy piece of footage.



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