SocialNetwork users at risk of losing control of pictures

The internet can be a very fun place to be, Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have attracted millions because of its capabilities, allowing you to message your friends, share videos and photos, make groups and even integrate your business into social networking to attract more customers however…

Its not all sun and rainbows there can be downsides, when uploading a video or a photo it is permanently stored on Facebook’s servers and its back-ups, if your photo is saved by others and then posted by them and you then want the photos removed it is VERY difficult and near enough impossible especially if they get shared on other sites.


Be CAREFUL what you post because later down the line you may very well regret it! also deleting your Facebook account doesn’t actually mean your account is deleted because its not, at first it is deactivated for 30 days and then it is deleted off one server however it will most likely still be stored on the back-ups servers, always take precautions when posting certain images but still make sure to enjoy the Internet,its just like the moon it has it light sides but it also has its dark sides.




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