Anonymous to Join Forces With Middle East Hackers?

I have mentioned before in another post (Anonymous Cyber Terrorist or Hacktivists?) about the Anonymous Collective being infiltrated by middle east hackers but today is one fucked up day, Anonymous has not been ‘infiltrated’ by the middle east but have actually joined forces with middle east hackers and extremists *face palm* there target is anything from homeland security websites, FBI, CIA, US Banks and anyone who represents the US of A, all in the name of #OpUSA. How stupid can you get though…like seriously. Attacking the defences that are put in place to protect you shows the stupidity and ignorance of ‘Anonymous’ and its dead beat ‘idea’ that they claim will make a better world, all sunshine and rainbows n shit like that. well i call bullshit on the stuff they say.

They have released a pastebin full of tools in hope that people will join them in the attacks.

Attack date : May 7th

Pastebin >>

The funniest thing of all is that Anonymous constantly cries about FaceBook saying that it gathers your personal info and is a spying tool used by the CIA but they are happy to make a FaceBook page?!?! *OMG* #Derp

* My Prediction *

Attackers : 1005

Arrests made the following Day : 5

Arrests made the following month :236

Sandwich Websites Hacked : 999

Total Attacks : 999

#Lulz made : 0

#Lulz made because of arrest : 9000



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