The Rise and Fall of #OpUSA

Okay now before i start my rant about #OpUSA i must remind you that there was NO rise of #OpUSA, it was a total embarrassment for the ‘Anonymous Collective’, the whole Op fell hard!!

Anyway’s, i sat down at my computer desk with an over exaggerated stare waiting for my Twitter Timeline to fill up with Tweets from the nifty little black hat ‘Anons’ stating that they have hacked what they claimed they were going to hack … such as US Banks and other financial websites (anything that is hosted in the US pretty much). So here i am staring at my screen with excitement only to find such tweets as [ #Hacked by Anonymous – or], they were also posting Data leaks from 2008 and 2009 -___________- the image below illustrates my disappointment…

It was a bad day for Anonymous but they provided entertainment so it was a win for me!!!!!! 😀

The whole Op was a trap that Anonymous so innocently fell for! Anonymous got trolled!! xD

–> <–

The Anons then came up with some damn right embarrassing excuses saying that the attack was actually arranged for the next day (wednesday, 8th May), well that statement is false because they clearly made the date official in there fancy art work which was published weeks before…

I guess Anonymous just wasn’t skilled enough to hack the US, the only stuff they hacked and defaced were Apache Websites, i mean C’mon guyz dats such a lame thing to do. -_-

At this point Anonymous tried its best to affect the US in some way or another and the plan was to DDoS Attack, that’s right guys Anonymous went back to the stone ages *sigh*, BUT even with the brainwashed Anons still willing to take part in the DDoS attacks the result was ~Null. Not a single fuck was given that day…. and not a single TangoDown was given that day… well, unless you count fishing websites, cheap ass casinos and flower shop websites? but come on, would you really be proud about taking down them? i thought not. #OpUSA is now #flOpUSA \o/ !!!

Then Anonymous for some STRANGE reason began targeting .ru (russian domains) as part of #OpUSA which totally went against there objective… (0.o) and of course everyone including myself saw this as an opportunity to create #Lulz and embarrass Anons even more with #OpGeography ! xD


Like i have said in my previous posts about Anonymous and its leaderless ways,  without control there is no organisation and without organisation *sighs* there is no planning and without planning *sighs again* there is a “system-set-up-to-fail” . This Operation was a prime example that proved my point dramatically!



– @rustleraw


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