Facebook gets burnt over Decapitation Videos

Facebook has stated that they will be taking down graphic videos after a sudden increase of them being posted over Facebook  many charities have criticised Facebook for allowing these videos to spread …

Facebook Team made this statement …

“We will remove instances of these videos that are reported to us while we evaluate our policy and approach to this type of content,” it said.

I use Facebook often and i have noticed an increase in these horrific videos along with the trolls making sick comments in an attempt to spread more anger and frustration. I knew this day would come because it went against Facebook’s Policy and by watching these ‘beheading’s’ and ‘murders’ makes you just as guilty as the guy recording the events.

I think Facebook has made the right choice in removing these videos and lets not forget, Facebook is for communication and sharing with a wide audience of young teens that should not be shown such content, content like this can affect the mind of the young generations giving them nightmares and some teens may get motivation from these videos to commit murder or harm to others, its has happened in the past…



A Boy And His Atom: The World’s Smallest Movie

IBM has released the smallest movie ever to be made but not in length, the movie was made out of atoms using a powerful magnifier that magnified 100 million times. This movie is a stop motion movie with each frame allowing you to move the atom carefully so that when it is all done and played back at a faster speed it looks like they are moving freely to create a natural effect. Kudos to IBM, the scientists and movie makers who took part in this, very well done and has given us more of an insight to how advanced our technology has become. IBM created this movie in order to try and get the young generation more interested in science and i think this might just of done the trick.


Plane crash in Bagram airfield, Afghanistan + thoughts

This has to be one of the most amazing pieces of footage documenting a plane crash that i have ever seen, people are speculating on what caused the sudden climb, it is reported that the 747 was in fact a cargo plane carrying at least 5 armoured vehicles, it is thought that one of the vehicles at the back of the plane was not tied down correctly and came loose during take off which caused a sudden weight shift within the plane with a sudden weight increase towards the back of plane causing the nose to lift up suddenly until it eventually got to steep and stalled the entire plane.

The pilot looked to the correct procedures when getting into the stall by putting the nose downwards to gain back its momentum, unfortionatly because of such low altitude there did not have enough time or altitude to pull out of the stall. All 7 of the passengers died instantly including the pilots, expect to see a new air crash investigation documentary soon…

This video has literally gone viral over video sharing sites such as Liveleak, the footage is so unique and the chance of the driver taking that route and having his dashboard camera on was almost a %0 chance….

Surprisingly the News coverage hasn’t been all that ‘suffocating’ over this event which is bizarre because this is one hell of a crazy piece of footage.


Anonymous | Cyber Terrorists Or Hacktivists?

I don’t usually mention Anonymous on my highway but i feel that the time is right, my ‘spidey senses’ have been *tingling* all over Anonymous and its recent actions and i can’t decide how i should view them.

Some of there actions i see as ethical but then there are those part of the ‘Anonymous Collective’ who are just DoSing / DDoSing legitimate sites for Twitter fame. I see actions like that as a sign of Cyber Terrorism with no exception but to cause Damage and inconvenience.

I’m not trying to say Anonymous is a terrorist organisation but i’m not trying to say its not, by Just looking at the structure of Anonymous can exploit big risks, AQ and other terrorist organisations can easily manipulate the Anonymous Collective into doing damage to vital services such as CIA, FBI, Home Land Security. Local Police etc. You could literally be doing someone else s dirty work and when all is traced back (which it most definitely would be) it will lead NOT to AQ but to your basement.

Anonymous is leaderless ,there is no physical or virtual infrastructure other than there script kiddie IRCs and chit chat… but that’s hardly an infrastructure,  this is because Anonymous goes against ‘control’ and believe everyone should be equal, i can agree with this to a certain extent but without control there is no organisation and without organisation *sighs* there is no planning and without planning *sighs again* there is a “system-set-up-to-fail” .

Anonymous is becoming more at risk to middle east co-operations without acknowledgement of it even taking place.

Until the ‘Anons’ design a better infrastructure and stop targeting legitimate websites with no real cause then i will not be supporting them or the ‘idea’ they so famously talk about.

If you are a little script kiddie anon who’s been DDoS Attacking legitimate websites then it is almost inevitable that there will be a knock on your door. Your mum will not be happy… just sayin.

The majority of those who represent Anonymous on social networks such as the most prominent one …. Twitter are constantly fighting each other, like i said before .. its a system set-up-to-fail. They also have a few trolls in there recipe that make Bomb threats and death threats to one another along with organisations and security specialists, at first it may all be innocent fun but the tunnel Anonymous has decided to go down is a very dark tunnel indeed.

What’s your view on the Anonymous Collective?

Comment your views ….